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Removing Popcorn Ceiling in 5 Easy Steps

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Popcorn Ceiling

Dear Design Diva,

I have “popcorn” ceilings and I hate them. Is it hard to get rid of them?

Popcorn Anonymous

Dear PA,

I don’t know anyone who really likes popcorn ceilings, other than the builders who install them. It’s not hard to get rid of, but it is a very messy job. Also, some of the older popcorn ceilings contain asbestos, so if that is a possibility,  take the precautionary step of having a small chip tested before contaminating your home. The supplies you need are a ladder, a garden sprayer, a four inch scraper, a face mask, and goggles. Here are the 5 easy steps:

  1. Remove everything from the room, or if that isn’t possible, cover everything with drop clothes. Also be sure to seal off doorways because this stuff will get everywhere.
  2. Use the garden sprayer to wet the popcorn ceiling with water. Since you will be standing on a ladder, only wet as far as your arm can reach.
  3. After it is saturated, scrape it off with the 4 inch scraper. It will fall off very easily when wet. Be sure you have your mask and goggles on.
  4. Keep moving your ladder around the room, scraping the ceiling off in sections.
  5. After the popcorn is gone, you may have to go back up and re-spackle or sand the taped joints. If you re-paint your ceiling before you have a smooth surface you will be praying for a popcorn ceiling again!

Extra note: Consider selecting a color other than white for the ceiling. You’ll love how it looks!


The Design Diva

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What to do with Ugly Kitchen Cabinets?

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Dark, Dated Cabinets


Dear Design Diva,
I have a very dark kitchen with ugly kitchen cabinets. I can’t afford to replace them, but I hate the look of white cabinets. What do you suggest?

In The Dark

Dear ITD,
You probably spend more awake time in your kitchen than any other room in your house, so it is important that you enjoy the view. Since you didn’t mention how low your budget is, I will give you a few options at varying levels of expense.

refaced cabinets, maple cabinets

Refaced Cabinets

Option 1 – Instead of replacing them, you can reface them. Basically a contractor removes all your cabinet doors and drawer fronts, applies a new veneer to the frames of the cabinets, and then installs brand new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Still pricey, but less pricey than replacing.

Option 2 – If you like the look European or English Country, you can remove the bottom cabinets and cover the openings with colorful curtains while you either remove the upper cabinet doors completely or have the center panel cut out and replaced with glass. This is the option I used in my own kitchen, and I love it!

Option 3 – I know you don’t like white cabinets, but painting the cabinets is the least expensive option for transforming your kitchen. Just because you are painting doesn’t mean you have to paint them white. Soft green cabinets are very popular now and will give a soothing, restful feel to your kitchen.

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Green Painted Cabinets