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5 Storage Solutions for Small Homes

clutter, storage solutions, storage ideasDear Design Diva,

I have moved into a small home and have a lot of stuff but not a lot of closet space. How can I keep my belongings, but avoid clutter?



Dear Crammed,

Here are 5 ways to hide your clutter in your new home:

storage ottoman, square ottoman, storage ideas, storage solutions

Square Storage Ottoman

1. Storage Ottomans – Instead of a coffee table, use a storage ottoman to hide extra pillows, blankets, towels, water bottles, toiletries, etc and you can instantly turn your living room into a guest room. If you have trouble fitting all of that in your ottoman, invest in one of those bags that you use a vacuum to suck the air out of to be able to fit in the confined space.  This also leaves your linen closet free to store the linens you use on a regular basis. You can also put one at the foot of your bed to store off-season clothing.

2. Storage Cubes – These are great for small spaces because they multitask. You can stick them in corners or under console tables and pull them out for extra seating when you have more guests than chairs. Meanwhile, they are surving double duty by hiding extra office supplies, holiday decorations, or that rarely used fondue pot.

storage, storage ideas, storage solutions, trash can

30 Gallon trash Can

3. 32 Gallon Trash Can – Few people realize this, but a 30 gallon trash can is a good height for a side table. When you are at the hardware store purchasing one, also pick up a pre-cut round piece of wood. After you fill the can with your stuff, cover it with the piece of wood and throw a tablecloth on top. You can cheat and use a king-size fitted sheet purchased from the clearance section of a bed and bath superstore and tuck the elastic edge to the inside to have a billowed hem instead of a hem with a straight edge.


Shoe rack, hanging shoe rack, storage, storage ideas, storage solutions

Over-door Shoe Rack

4. Hanging Shoe Rack – This is great for storing smaller items in every room of your home. In the hall closet keep extra batteries, extension cords, flashlights, gloves, scarves and sunglasses for easy access as you need them. In the kitchen, use it for extra napkins, silverware, envelopes of powdered drink mix, tea bags, and spices. On the back of the bathroom door you can store skin lotions, hair products, washclothes, blow dryers, and straighening irons (once they’ve cooled off). In the home office, store extra ink cartridges, pens, pencisl, stapler, calculator, and business cards. In the bedroom use it for socks, bras, underwear, scarves, perfume, or jewelry.

undeer bed storage, wrapping paper storage, gift wrap storage

Under Bed Wrapping Paper storage

5.  Under the Bed – This is a goldmine of space to store your rarely used, over-sized things. You can store wrapping paper, ribbon, and tape in a container ready for your next occassion. Under-bed storage containers can keepsake works of art your children created, you can slide suitcases underneath to store them, and also have the option of filling them with excess items before sliding it under. To maximize the room under the bed, you can purchase risers which lift the bed an additional 10 inches off the floor so your storage height increases.

I hope this helps you and your storage problem!


The Design Diva

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