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Help for ugly paint color

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Bright Green Walls

Dear Design Diva,

I painted my loft what I thought was going to be a light apple green color. My floors are hardwoods. It seems too bright in here, what can I do to tone it down?


Dear Roy,

Did you know that 40% of all paint sales are from people selecting the wrong color the first time around? Hopefully that should make you feel a little better. You haven’t mentioned whether you have set up your furniture and the rest of your accessories yet. Sometimes when you paint, the color can seem too intense when you are just looking at the solid walls. Once you hang draperies, artwork, accessories, and add your furniture, there is so much more to look at that it detracts from the boldness of the wall color.

If you have already done all that and are still unhappy with the color, you can add a wash of color over the green to tone it down. I like to combine one part brown paint with 4 parts of glaze, and then wash it over the walls with a large brush, making bold strokes. If you prefer, you can roll the glaze on, cover the coated wall with a large plastic drop cloth, and when you peel the drop cloth off it gives the appearance of distressed leather. I love this glazing treatment and use it often for studies and libraries. It also looks great over red paint for a deep red leather look.

I hope that helps!

The DesignDiva

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