Paint Color for Powder Room

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Rich Red Powder Room

Dear Design Diva,

I have a powder room that is still “builder beige.” I plan on painting it but am tempted to keep it light because I’m afraid it will feel too small. What do you recommend?


Dear Jane,

Thank you for deciding to get rid of builder beige! Ugh, that color really gets to me. I understand how you can be tempted to keep the paint color light, but think about it. Do you really think when people go into your powder room with pale walls they are going to say “Oh my, this powder room is so large!?” You’re not going to be fooling anyone into thinking the room is big, so why not go with something dramatic?

I love painting powder rooms in rich, jewel tone colors such as emerald green, sapphire blue, and deep ruby red. They add style and drama and a WOW factor. Yes, it is dark, but how long do people stay in powder rooms? Not very long. They can feel like they’ve walked into an elegant jewel box instead of a tiny, washed out wash room. Be bold and give it a try!

The Design Diva

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